Processing Payments on Sales

Synaps allows you to process incoming payments for orders in a number of ways, generally falling into one of 3 categories.

  • Manual processing by finding sales which have been paid and marking them as paid
  • Importing bank statements in .qif format then matching the payments to orders.
  • Automatic import from another system such as Xero

Manual Processing

If you have a small number of bank payments per day (e.g. 5-10 transactions) many people find it fastest to locate each sale in Synaps and either
  1. Open op the sale by double clicking it, then click the Add Payment button at the bottom of the pagemanualpayment1.png
  2. Select the correct type of payment in the Add Full Payment box in the popup panel that appears when the sale is selected. The payment will immediately be applied when you make a selection.

Importing transactions in .qif format

If you have a larger number of transactions it is often faster to import your statements into Synaps and use the Transaction Matching functionality. You will need to have already configured Synaps with your bank account to import against (Setup > Sales > Bank Accounts)
  1. Log into your internet banking and export your transactions in .qif format. (sometimes called Quicken Format). Save the exported data into a file on your computer.
  2. In Synaps click Sales > Bank Payments to go to the Bank Transactions page.
  3. Select the correct account that the transactions are to be imported for, then click the Choose File button to select your .qif file exported from internet banking, and click the Upload button
  4. Synaps will import all new transactions from the file (duplicates are ignored, so you can safely import more than just todays transactions) and inform you how many transactions were imported. Any new or unmatched transactions below the Match Transactions heading.
  5. For each transaction, you have the option of matching it to a sale, or ignoring it. Ignoring a transaction will remove it from the list without applying a payment to any sales. The transaction will stay hidden, even if re-imported from a qif file.

Applying imported transactions to sales

  1. Click the anywhere on the transactions grey box to select it.
  2. A list of sales that have matching details or reference number will be shown - Up to 5 matching sales can be shown, ranked by the best match first.
  3. Click the Match button next to the sale from the list of matches to immediately add a payment for the transaction value to the sale. If the sale is now paid in full, any automatic workflow actions such as moving it to a Ready to Package status or sending payment confirmation emails will be triggered automatically.
  4. The transaction you just matched will disappear from the page, and if there is another transaction following it then the matching sales will automatically be loaded up for quick matching.

Xero Payment import

If you have Synaps connected to Xero, you have the option of automatically importing payments applied to Xero invoices. The requirements for this are

  • You must have an active connection to Xero with payment importing enabled and
  • The invoice in Xero must have been created by Synaps
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