Auto Top-up for Trade Me Accounts

The Trade Me API doesn't allow you to auto top-up from a Third Party System as there is no API call for this function.

There is a solution to this however as Trade Me does allow a new credit feature through the My Products page on their site.

  1. Login to
  2. Click on "My Trade Me"
  3. under the "Selling" header click "My Products"
  4. Click the blue "Get Started" button (If you have previously configured My Products then this and the next step may not apply)
  5. Select "Skip this step..." and click "Next" 
  6. On the right hand side of the page click the "Settings" link
  7. In this page is a function called "Auto Billing" which enables your credit card to be charged just once a week for all your charges from TM.

This is the process we are recommending for customers to use.

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    Deryn McGregor

    Works for me

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