Sending Mailouts using MailChimp

If you haven't used MailChimp before you'll want to sign up and create an account with them first here:

When you have created your account have a run through their getting started guide: which is pretty nicely laid out. You'll want to import you customer emails from Synaps using the following procedure.

  • In the Reports page in Synaps, select the report "Customer Emails List" under the Customers category
  • Once the report has been generated click the "Export as Excel" button at the top (this will download a copy of the report to your Downloads folder or the folder you have set to receive downloads)
  • You can open the Excel sheet and then either Save it as a CSV (comma delimited) File and upload it to MailChimp through it's uploader (Use the "Upload a File" option), or Copy and Paste your list straight from Excel into MailChimp (Use the "Copy/Paste your List" option)   
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